Our swanky bar is a sight to behold. With a spread of over 200 bottles displayed on a stunner of a back bar, one could sit in happy reverie for hours just taking in the sights. We would be happy to supply you with a cocktail while you were pondering the meaning of excess. Cocktails, after all, are our specialty. Your eyes would grow weary reading a full listing of what we have to offer, but we will be happy to hint at what lies in store for you when you come to visit us at Madeline’s bar…

28 cocktails all originals…or perhaps inspired by a martini of times past. How about a Negroni, a Lychee martini, a Blood orange cozmo, a Parisian martini, or perhaps an Anejo highball? Or, there is the famous Crooked Bean, known throughout Ithaca and guaranteed to send you out the door a little more twisted than when you came in.

100+ wines, representing the best the world has to offer to the vinophile. It is a breathing list, ever changing as the wine buyer discovers new and exciting wines to offer to our customers. All wines are placed on our list with our food in mind, assuring an easy pairing. The wine buyer is especially intrigued by wines not often seen on lists elsewhere, so you are guaranteed surprise gems studded throughout. France and Germany are especially well represented, as the wines from these regions pair very nicely with our cuisine. There are 19 of the best offered by the glass.

63 scotches 51 of them being single malt scotches, and quite a number of them coming from distilleries which are no longer in existence. Representing every region in Scotland, from Islay to the Highlands.

48 beers from around the globe. Sorry, we don’t carry Budweiser.

24 cognacs. Yep, we have Hennessy and Courvoisier, but let our bartender introduce you to Gabriel and Andreu and Leopold Gourmel and you will forget you even knew those big boys.

14 bourbons, most all of them being single batch bourbons. Our bartenders know the secrets to making a mean manhattan, but we ain’t sharing them here, come taste for yourself.

14 tequilas. Tequila is not for the faint of heart, and not just for margaritas. We prefer to sip, not shoot, these high quality tequilas.

10 grappas. We know, you are thinking of the clear stuff resembling turpentine, but trust us, grappa has grown up. Jacopo Poli is the Father of this generation of grappas, they are subtle, perfumed, and so smooth. We like him and his philosophy so you will find a great representation of his grappas here.

10 or fewer but not the lesser in quality, just more rare: Armagnac, Calvados, Sake,
Aged Rum, Irish Whiskey.

Whew! Now you see why a visit is absolutely necessary to take in the full breadth of our bar. It is not unusual for a patron to sit down and have a glazed look of awe and bewilderment come over their face. Let our bartenders take you by the hand and guide you to the best beverage for you.