Dessert is the spectacular finale at Madeline's that you simply cannot miss.  We are known for our mouth watering and sinful homemade dessert selection.

We have two dessert cases filled with 18-24 homemade selections, we do not print out a menu.
Only a viewing does them justice!

 This is a sampling of the rotating selection:  

-Gianduja-  *GF
Hazelnut chocolate flourless torte.

-Spyro Gyra-  *GF
Multiple layers of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache,
and mocha buttercream.

-Chocolate, Vanilla and Raspberry Crème Brulees- *GF
Classic custard in topped with raw cane sugar and caramelized to order.

 Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse Cake *GF

Chocolate mousse with a hint of Earl Grey tea, in a layer of flourless chocolate cake and finished with chocolate ganache.

  B-52 *GF 

Semi sweet, milk and white chocolate layers of velvety chocolate truffle... each flavored separately with Gran Marnier, Kahlua and Irish Whiskey.


Layers of almond jaconde, hazelnut praline, whipped cream and chocolate ganache.

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan

Dense pecan cake layered with chocolate mousse and toasted pecan ganache

Red Velvet Cake

The classic red chocolate cake iced with cream cheese frosting.

-Molton Chocolate Cake-
Bittersweet chocolate ‘cake’, with a runny chocolate center.   Served with vanilla ice cream.

Viennese Walnut Cake 

With a layer of cheesecake baked in the middle and topped with fresh fruit

Vanilla sponge cake soaked with espresso and kahlua surrounding two layers of cream fillings, which are studded with chocolate and hazelnuts.

Mascarpone cream layered with espresso & rum laced cake.
Classic Italian ‘pick me up’.

-Blueberry Frangipane Tart-
Rich almond paste baked into a buttery tart shell, topped with Maine blueberries. Served warm with vanilla ice cream.

-Apple Raspberry Crostata-
Baked with sugar in a rustic cornmeal crust. 
Warmed and served with vanilla ice cream.

-Luscious LuLu-
Vanilla coconut cake layered with fresh lemon curd, strawberry puree and iced with cream cheese frosting.

-Peach Mixed Berry Crisp-
Loads of juicy berries topped with a crunch of oat and brown sugar topping. Heated until bubbling and finished with 
vanilla ice cream.

Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

Sweet strawberries combined with tart rhubarb with a fluffy cobbler topping served warm with vanilla ice cream.

- Variety of Cheesecakes-

-Variety of Bread Puddings-